Episodes from Family History

Our grandparents were all born about 150 years ago and were brought up during the reign of Queen Victoria.  Here are their stories - and more! 

Life was very different in Victorian times.  Much social history can be discovered through newspaper archives and other on-line records. 

Here are some episodes, often colourful, from our family history.

  1. The Cawseys - an unruly Barnstaple family

  2. A Barnstaple Poisoning - Godfreys Cordial

  3. "My Great-Grandmother"

  4. The Story of the Hamment Family

  5. Mafeking Night

  6. The Downfall of Frederick Reed Eveleigh - and the Rescue of George Eveleigh

  7. The Hunts, and Chelfham Farm Bratton Fleming

  8. My Bratton Fleming pages

The Cawsey Family

Mary Quance

Mafeking Night

George Eveleigh