Bratton Fleming


Welcome to "Bratton Fleming". If your forebears lived there, then I hope you will find some interesting information here.

A wealth of historical records going back more than 300 years exist for Bratton Fleming and are fascinating sources for the family historian who has traced his/her "pedigree" and is now moving on to write a family history. These pages will provide a glimpse from my own records - and perhaps tempt you to make that visit to the Record Office / Library in Barnstaple or Exeter.

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David Cawsey, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK

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  1. The village and the school
  2. The church and the vestry records
  3. The farms and farming people
  4. Miscellaneous

Also see the Land Tax assessment for 1780

and numerous Refs to Chelfham, Haxton, Kipscombe, Friendship

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