SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY  -  Meeting topics  -   2004 to 2021

2005 and earlier
    Water - an unusual liquid;      Atomic particles;      Digital Photography;       Motor Vehicles; Telephone Technology; Canal Boat Lifts;     Food Additives;       Building Technology;     The First Transatlantic Cable; The moon and tides;      Structural Fire Protection;     Bridges;     Aircraft Fuel Systems;    Nuclear Power;     Perspective in Art;        The Uses of Satellites;      Catastrophe Theory;     The Electricity Distribution Network;        Pi;        Social Insects;    Tsunamis;          A Walk along the Seashore;   Viruses;       
Ripening of Tomatoes;     Energy for the Future;    New Horizons in the Solar System;   Let's Build a Computer;     Parts of the body;        Anti-oxidants;        The sounds of music;         Fire-fighting hovercraft;        Power station efficiency;       The Human eye;     Home automation;    Male and female brains;                

All fingers and thumbs;             Escaping from submarines;      "The Blind Watchmaker";             Saving electricity in the home;              Bionic man;         Prime numbers;             Radar;                   Local weather records;                   Hydraulic ram pumps;    London underground;                 Air navigation;             The human eye;                  The Severn Barrage;

100 years of electronics;              Nano-technology ;         Nutrition;   Ford Model T - to the Prius;   Human Brain;    Antarctica ecology;    Thomas Telford;        Neuroscience;   Imaginary numbers;   Clocks & Calendars;    Mazes & Puzzles;    Biometrics;       

Why we don't live for ever;    British Coal Mining Industry;    Science of Air Combat;   Charles Darwin;     Better Broadband;    Sir Goldsworthy Gurney;    Science Festival;  Practical Creativity;   Early Metallurgy;
The Elements;    What our Fingers Tell us;   

Red Blood Cells;        GPS;        Wine Science;    Climate Change;   Everyday Things;   Science Festival;   Galapagos;      I don't know - do you?;    Science, Technology and Learning;       You're never out of touch;   History of Aspirin;         Paper Sizes;   Flash Memory;      Book Reviews

Dowsing;        Electronic Displays;        Evolution of Software;   History of Sound Recording;   Madagascar;  European Orchids;  Why do we act that way?  Rare Earth Elements;  Fokker Trimotor;  Battery Technology;  Wine Faults;  Silicon;  End of the Heat Engine Age;  Fleming & Penicillin

Anatomy of the Earth;      Engineers from the North-East;     Cardiff Naturalists;       Illumination;         History of Chemistry;       Stardust - Elements from the Stars;      Taxonomy of Flowering Plants;       Solar Panels (BCL Energy);       A Sketch of Atomic Structure ;      Raspberry Pi;        Pythagorean Tipples (!);       Diabetes and Obesity


Richer Sounds talk; Cosmology; How fast is too fast;  Numbers & Infinity; Alan Turing;  Gene Sequencing;  Augmented Reality; Volcanos;  Jam;  Who or what makes your Decisions ; Strepy-Thieu Boat Lift ; Future of Nuclear Energy;  Mazes;  Biscuits;  Our Robot


100 years of Inventions;  Arsenic;  Large Scale Storage of Electricity;  Bread;
British Aeronauts;  Cryptography;  Static Electricity;  Science and Truth;
Flying Egg-Beaters;  The Future of Work;  16 Exciting things to do with your Phone before Breakfast


 Running a Small Technical Business;  The Plight of the Honey Bee;  The Art of Technology;  The Other Wright Brothers;  {Morris) Minor Themes;  Pascal's Triangle;  Genetic Inheritance;  How to Beat the Bookies;  Saws;  Maths of Piano Tuning;  Audiology;  Perpetual Motion;  Mt. Isa Lead Mine ;  BOGOF - for beginners!


Microbiology - friend or foe;  James Nasmyth; Flying High, Diving Deep;
History of Industrial Revolution in 8 Objects;  Amazing Brain;  Food Diet and Health;  Submarine Accidents;  Natural History;  Water;  Saving Petrol;
LED  Street Lighting;  Driverless Vehicles


6 Revolutions in Biology;  Avro Vulcan/Blue Steel;  Let's Build a Computer;
Bookbinding;  About Time;  Gene Editing;  Energy from Food Waste;
Industrial Archaeology;  Hay Tor Tramway;  Handley-Page;  Our Future;
Your Christmas Tipple


Names of Elements  Brunelleschi's Duomo;  A.I. in Combat;  Isaac Peral;
Computer Pioneers;  Weather;  Flying the Phantom;  Your Digital Footprint;
Maths in Early Space Travel;


Extraordinary Materials; Funky Fungi; Going with a Bang; Post-War Military Equipment; G.M.Foods; 737 Max - Why?;  Nuclear Reactor Technology; Flighty Ladies;  Butterflies;  Mobile Phones - where are we now?;  Science of Santa


Mind the Gap;  Popcorn materials; Porcelain; NHS Technology; Cutting carbon; Directional Drilling; Coronavirus; Sleep; Mitochondria; He Lit the Lamp (A.M.Low); Internet of Things; Flying Egg-Beaters; Photo-Synthesis; Neutrino Physics


Home Automation; Stellar Evolution; Energy Storage; Limestone Geomorphology; The M.G.; Radio Communication;  The Yang/Lee Nobel Prize; Technology of Intelligence Gathering;  What's the Point of Hinkley;  Babbage's Idea and Ever Onward;  Moving away from Hydrocarbons;  Climate Change


Tardigrades;  Experience with a Plug-in Hybrid