2019 Programme

January 11th
 Extraordinary Materials (Mark)
February 8th
Funky Fungi (Ruth)
March 8th
Going with a Bang (Chris)
April 12th
British Aeronauts (David)
May 10th
Post-War evolution in MilitaryEquipment (Nigel)
June 14th
 "Science Festival" (Coordinator Heather)
July 12th
"Science Festival" (Coordinator Heather)
August 9th
"G.M. Foods" (Terry)
September 13th
"737 Max-Why?" (Steve); "Nuclear Reactor Technology" (John S.)
October 11th
"Flighty Ladies" (Chris);  Butterflies (Ruth)
November 8th
"Mobile Phones - Where are we now?" (David P.)
December 13th
"Science of Santa" (Martin)


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